NYC Tech Zone

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NYC Tech Zone services all your IT needs

Computer Related Services

  • Remote Technical support: We remotely login and diagnose\troubleshoot a wide range of issues.
  • Repair\replacing of hardware components.
  • Troubleshooting issues in functionality such as slow running computer, crashes and blue screens.
  • Virus, malware, adware removal and protection.
  • Software installation and upgrades. Troubleshooting issues with existing software.
  • Memory upgrades.
  • Hard drive upgrades.
  • Diagnosing slow internet or other internet related issues.
  • Microsoft Office, Installation and troubleshooting.

Networking and Cabling

  • Troubleshooting issues within the network.

  • Wiring of entire offices, adding to existing infrastructure, Running patch cables.

  • Installation of switches, routers, modems (Provided by ISP)

  • Installation of wall outlets and connection to existing network

  • Implementation of new network and connecting devices within the network.

  • Setup of VPN service

  • Cleaning up of existing network.


Troubleshoot Paper Jams.

Fix Cartridge Jams.

Diagnose and resolve issues with network printing.

Diagnose and resolve issues with computer not printing.

Backup and Storage

—Setup On site Backup system—

—Setup Offsite (Cloud) Backup storage—

—Setup, troubleshooting and maintaining NAS, External Hard drives, Server related Backups—

—Implementing a combination of various types of backups for fail safe and redundancy—

—Competitive pricing—

—Maintain backups and performing Routine backup checks—

VOIP (Phone) Services

—Complete setup with new or porting existing phone numbers—

—Setup of voicemail, call waiting, extensions, etc..—

—We take care of cabling (If needed) and installation of network—

—Pay only for the calls you make—

—Forward calls to cell phone or any other phone—

—911 and 311 included—

—One time setup fee of $2000, which includes up to 4 phones, cabling, all networking equipment and server with complete setup—